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Get the latest state employee updates on pensions, health care and other related issues.
Recent Updates:
Council 4 State Bargaining Unit Agreements, 2016-21
Full SEBAC Agreement
SEBAC Agreement Approved by House and Senate

Get the latest update on the Maintenance Drug Network Program that went into effect October 1, 2011.  The program affects all current state employees; it also pertains to retirees under 65.

Local 2836 (State University Organization of Administrative Faculty); Local 1214 (Charter Oak State College); Local 2480 (Community Technical College Administrators); and Local 1588 (Department of Higher Education Administrators).

Council 4 is part of the State Employee Bargaining Agent Coalition. In accordance with state statute, SEBAC represents and negotiates on behalf of all unionized Connecticut state employees on the subjects of pension and health benefits. Also, SEBAC lobbies at the State Capitol regarding issues that are of importance to Connecticut state employees.

Local 749 State of Connecticut Judicial and Criminal Justice Employees.

Council 4's NP-4 Correction Bargaining Units consists of Local 387 (Cheshire Correctional Complex Employees), Local 391 (Somers Correctional Complex Employees), and Local 1565 (Connecticut State Prison Employees) Click the link above for contract and related updates.

Local 269  (Departments of Labor, Veteran's Affairs, and Workers' Rehabilitation),  Local 714  (DSS, DCF, SSM),  Local 2663  (DCF, DSS, CHRO, Public Health, OPA, DDS, DMHAS, Child's Advocate office, Bureau of Services for the Blind, Corrections, DED, and Commission of Deaf and Hearing Impaired)

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