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Council 4 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) is a labor union representing approximately 32,000 employees in state and local government, boards of education, and the private sector.

Council 4 is affiliated with the 1.6 million member AFSCME International Union in Washington, D.C. We are also the largest affiliated union within the Connecticut AFL-CIO.

Council 4 members work in a diverse range of occupations (technical, blue collar, professional, clerical and more) and professions (health care, corrections and law enforcement, welfare and social services, public workers, K-12 education and higher education and more).

Headquartered in New Britain, CT, Council 4 provides its nearly 500 local unions with a variety of services, including collective bargaining, economic and contract research, education and training, political and legislative affairs, public relations and legal representation.

Council 4 is governed by its own constitution and elected governing bodies: the Council 4 Executive Board and Council 4 Delegates' Assembly. Council 4 members determine the union's action agenda and elect the union's leadership.

Council 4's top leadership includes Executive Director Sal Luciano (Local 2663, State of CT Human and Social Services Bargaining Unit); President Clarke King (Local 1716, City of Hartford); and Anna Montalvo (Local 1522, Bridgeport City, Board of Education and Health Care).

Council 4 and AFSCME believe in, and practice, democratic empowerment. Our union is run by its members. Every member has a vote in the election of local union officers and board members. Members approve the contracts we negotiate and decide on our policies, activities and dues. As Council 4 AFSCME members, we are protected by our Members' Bill of Rights.

The statewide union that was to become Council 4 was founded in 1937 with 28 members, but by 1942 that number had grown to 1,000 and it broke the 20,000 mark in the 1980s. With aggressive organizing and a commitment to servicing its members, Council 4 has grown to become the state's most formidable labor presence.

In today's challenging workplace environment, the mission of Council 4 is to deliver fair contracts that provide members with decent pay and benefits, employment security and a real voice on the job while standing at the forefront of the fight for strong public services and fair budgets.

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